About Us

Short Story


Jama School of Art, Music and dance was established in 2004 where it was started as Jama Ballroom Dance Studio. In 2017 we saw a need of having Fine art, Drama, Dance, Music and Academic Subjects under one roof to reduce travelling cost  and Save time for parents and offer free WiFi and coffee for all our parents while waiting.


Our Services


Dance :- Ballet, Latin, Ballroom, Hip-hop, Contempo, Solo, Couple, Wedding


Fine Art

Music Classes

Academic Subjects

Fitness Programs


We promise professional and  good service, Call ! 087 012 5341


We aim

Our Mission

To provide art services under one roof through academic excellent.

What We Do?

Offer Dance, Drama, Fine Art, Music,Fitness Programs and Academic Subjects.

Why Us?

We offer 7 programs under one roof, pay registration once a year and you will walk away with qualification in your hand.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Memorable & Qualified 

We perform everywhere around South Africa and abroad.

We Can Help you reach your potential

Dream can come true through effort and commitment. Jama School of Art will help you set, achieve, communicate, visualize and focus in it.